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Kill The Cable

We all enjoy the benefits of light, it is natural and non-intrusive as it should be. But not all artificial lights are and the technology required for simple control is complicated and costly to implement.

We are changing that.

Together Photizo and Casambi are focused on making lighting an experience by offering the most robust, cost effective and future proof wireless lighting control solution. The idea is simple - reduce the need for control cables and give users the ability to change the ambience with technology that is readily available.

This November, you are invited to an exclusive Casambi sneak preview.

8D Dempsey Hill #03-04
Singapore 249672

Opening Times
16 November 2016
10am - 8pm



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* An RSVP for the Keynote entitles you to a complimentary starter Casambi fit-out in your office. Only valid for one representative per company.