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Light360 is the future of pop-up exhibition spaces designed to foster exploration and inspiration within the field of design and lighting. Located in Singapore the space serves as a gathering point for clients and designers as well as a creative laboratory. 


We set out with a big goal in mind: To help create a better future by promoting the advancement of sustainable lighting and design. We aim to do this by creating immersive lighting experiences that touch people on a personal level.

In collaboration with visionary designers and makers all over the world, we create programs that inspire and educate. Programs are scheduled in advance to include workshops, exclusive exhibitions, interactive panel discussions, collaborative projects, meet-ups and more - The world of lighting lives right here.


We believe that beautiful and sustainable lighting can positively spark a change in people's lives and everyday behaviour.


8D Dempsey Hill
#03-04 Singapore 249672

Opening Times
11am - 8pm Daily (Except Sunday)

Email: lightthreesixty@gmail.com
Facebook: Light360
Instagram: @Light360


LIGht in new dimensions

Join us at the collection launch and be one of the first to get a preview of the exclusive award winning collection that has been widely popular among designers all across the world. With a special appreciation for form, materials and up-to-date lighting technology, SATTLER is manufacturing timeless and elegant lights that accentuate any areas of application. 

Witness the story behind each luminaire, how it looks and feels. While you are at it, you might just want to get your hands on creating your own unique piece with the wide variety of finishes and colour combinations. 

Light In New Dimensions is free to attend. Register online to get a free personalised tour during your visit.

8D Dempsey Hill #03-04
Singapore 249672

Opening Times
22 October - 9 December 2016
11am - 8pm Daily (Except Sunday)